For our life on Earth and in order to find our soul’s path, being rooted in healing Mother Earth is quintessential. Lacking the rootedness with Mother Earth, we cannot experience her power and wisdom. Therefore, it is our purpose to realize that all human beings are part of a greater whole. A part of Mother Earth. A part of every living being. A part of the whole.


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Without the connection to Mother Earth, no unity can develop, only separation. Living detached from Mother Earth destroys Mother Earth and leads to separation from the soul which is the highest self.

Mother Earth gifts us her most valuable treasures: Mother Earth’s healing medicine changes and transforms everything in the eternal recurring rhythm of the annual cycle.

If we connect to healing Mother Earth, we will be gifted abundant riches. She is our way to deepest inner wisdom. If we connect with her in nature, she opens channels for subtle energy and the divine light flows into us. We feel our true self and act accordingly.

When we discover that we are the light of the world, the world will shine, and we will become bearers of light who preserve Mother Earth.



Our truth, our wisdom and the divine energy begins to flow from the source. Our inner white golden light starts to shine and radiates from us.

We become the quintessential light of the world! We feel the energy of the light, of the soul and the healing strength of the incarnational star.

“Mother Earth! We honor you as our mother. We thank you for all the good which you granted us. You are the mother. You are the mother of humankind.”

Indian wisdom, Native American pipe ceremony prayer



We experience the path to our inner being and comprehend how deeply connected we are to creation and the universe through our deep bond with Mother Earth. We understand that all that resides within us is intact because Mother Earth is the healing light.

Where there is darkness, we will bring the light. Like the stars shine their light into the world in the darkest of nights, our light will bring peace and unconditional love into the world.

If we disconnect from Mother Earth, we part with the light and the unconditional, universal, infinite love. We can always choose between connection and separation, love and fear, peace and destruction.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein



By knowing the deepest truth, we brighten the world and open our hearts to eternal, pure, universal and unconditional love that is free from everything. This deepest possible power and truth, which is called love, can be experienced by every human being when the human being is ready to connect and take root with the healing mother earth.


Let us remember who we really are and who we would like to be when we leave Mother Earth in our present material body. We remember that Mother Earth gifted us with the present of life.

Without her existence we cannot live. If we destroy her, we destroy ourselves and every feeling being. In the end, Mother Earth will flourish and only we will cease to exist. Therefore, we owe her our lives and are responsible for everything we do.

Every effect has its cause, and we decide what we cause! We decide whether we bring light into the world or darkness. And as so often, humankind needs the deepest darkness in order to realize the consequences of their doings.

“The closer we are to nature, the closer we feel to God.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mother Earth nourishes us with strength and wisdom if we recognize her most valuable gifts. Empathy, gratitude, humbleness and love therefore are the keys to our existence. Without becoming aware of this, establishing a deep connection to Mother Earth and our soul is not possible.



Everyday anew, we can decide whether we become guardian or destroyer of healing Mother Earth. We are responsible for her. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second we are asked to choose whether or not we want to live with her in peace.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”
– John Muir

From nature we receive the universal, invisible and yet most powerful force: unconditional love. It is our first and true nature. Whether we live in this awareness or not, lies in our hands. Love is the light of the world, our divine nature and gives meaning to our life.



If we want to survive and preserve Mother Earth and any feeling being, then there is only one path: the path of unconditional love. This is the one and only answer to every question. It is our divine nature and the solution for our troubled life. Love always pursues to grow and unfold in harmony with everything in existence.

There is only one way to experience the energy and wisdom of healing Mother Earth: walking through nature in silence.

With every step we take, we deepen our connection with Mother Earth, with Mother Nature. We feel her healing magic cloak surrounding us, protecting us, and eliminating everything which does not belong to us.



We will feel the nature of our true self and with every breath we take, we also take a further step on our soul’s and heart’s path. Every season, every month, every week and every day have their own quality and they mirror our lives. If we understand the deeper meaning of this, we understand the meaning of the whole.

“The aspect of nature is devout. Like the figure of Jesus, she stands with bended head, and hands folded upon the breast. The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Fall is the time of the year in which we reconnect with the element Earth. A time when we feel ourselves and anchor ourselves to Mother soil. In doing so, we feel Earth carrying us, nourishing us, and embalming our soul. The deeper we feel this, the deeper we bond with Mother Earth and the center of our planet where the strength and wisdom of the Earth’s light lie.

It is a universal, pure, and white golden light which enchants and connects us to the higher nature.

Without grounding, without Mother Nature, without Mother Earth we are incapable of being the person that we truly are. We can only exist in the recurring cycle of creation by loving and respecting Mother Earth.

“And only the Earth is immortal, the Great Mother from whom we spring and to whom we return.“ – Émile Zola

Feeling our heart beating in harmony with Mother Earth, we regard Mother Earth as a living being. Mother Earth is our home. Without her, there is none – neither for us, nor for our descendants.



Thus, you shall go outside and connect with Mother Earth, root yourselves with her and appreciate her immeasurable value. Watch her beauty with open eyes. Only those who see their surroundings consciously will perceive their own soul mirrored in nature. Keep in mind that we breathe her breath. If we destroy her, we destroy our home and our access to everything that exists.

While the sun’s power decreases, the days are become shorter, the nights longer and the trees move their vital energy back into the roots, we receive more energy from the earth.

The strength and wisdom of healing Mother Earth is a gift for all of us.
Our Mother Earth is sacred and heals us.


“Everything is good the way it comes from the hands of nature!”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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