“For me nothing is more a reflection of the world and of life than the tree. I would think in front of him every day, in front of him and about him …”
– Christian Morgenstern


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“The forest is the hospital of our soul.”
– Hubert Maria Dietrich

Wafts of mist drift through the woods and transform the forest into a magical silken sea. A time of reflection, return and contemplation begins. And entering the forest, we dive into a mystical and hidden world of natural beings and spirits: a magical world, full of sanctuaries and peaceful dreams.

 „Trees are like sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and recipes, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life. Trees have long thoughts, long-winded and calm, as they have a longer life than we do.“ – Hermann Hesse

Our forests are not only sanctuaries, but trail signs to the highest self, our soul. If we become aware that we inhale the breath of the forests, of the trees, we perceive how our soul and our heart connect with the essence of the trees. Our heart begins to open and warms up with every breath of the trees. We feel a deep unity with the realm of the forest. A feeling of primeval! Primal trust, primal vision, primal confidence, primal wealth, primal heart, and primal growth. It is the first, the original, the start and the beginning of everything that exists.

„Be in awe of the tree, it is one great wonder, and to your ancestors it was sacred. The hostility against the tree is a sign of inferiority of a people and of the baseness of the individual.“ – Alexander von Humboldt

There is a deep feeling of arch to it. The first, the highest, the topmost, the noblest! It is the exaltation of the highest, the absolute truth, which is called arch-love. It is the ultimate and highest energy in the universe that has been from the beginning and ever will be.


The moment we let ourselves be enchanted by the magic of the forest, by the trees, we feel the eternity of arch-love and see our being reflected in the trees. We recognize the wisdom of the universe and the connection between heaven, earth and the underworld: the connection of all worlds and the bridge from the visible to the invisible; the connection with the spirits, beings, gods and goddesses of the trees and the forest. Everything is animate and everything contains the information of the absolute truth of creation and the entire cosmos.

“And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”
– John Muir

If we walk in silence, in solitude, in seclusion deeper and deeper into the enchanted forest, then we see its immortality. Everything lives. Everything is eternal. Everything is ever-recurring.

With every step we take and open ourselves up, we discover the healing source of energy beyond everything in the forest. If we connect with the trees, plants and elements of the forest, the secret life of the fairies, dwarves, elves, mermaids, trolls, goblins, witches, angels, nymphs, spirits, gods and gnomes reveals itself. It is the realm of the natural beings who animate everything and gift us with their essence.

They give us the primeval power and trust to remember the purest form of primeval love: the arch-love. Let us remember this, let us remember that the highest and absolute truth is love. If we are in love, then we are connected to everything and bring the light of perfect, absolute love into the world. It is the arch-feeling of all that exists. Without love we cannot be truthful, let alone divine. Without love, life cannot exist.


„There is an eternal power, and it is green.“ – Hildegard von Bingen

At first glance we only see the visible image, like trees, plants, stones, streams, and rivers. But if we look further, we realize that the invisible natural beings and spirits of the woods exist beyond the visible.

„There is an invisible world that permeates the visible.“
– Gustav Meyrink

We are destined to arrive in the invisible – to see the invisible in the visible. However, the invisible cannot be perceived by everyone. Only those who travel on the highest levels of consciousness of their own soul, their being in this world, can see, hear, taste, smell and feel the invisible in the visible. The more conscious we are, the clearer we will perceive the messages the forest and its creatures have for us. If we recognize these messages, then we recognize the universe and accept the beings as companions for our life.

„Water is the first principle of everything. All things are from water and all things are resolved into water.” – Thales of Miletus

The magic of the forest shows us how underground streams, which we can only hear in silence, come to the surface in heavy rain, as if from nowhere, and show us that water is the source of all life. It is the most important element of all. It is the original source of Mother Earth, the universe. Without water, there is no life. Without water, nothing can form, and nothing can grow.

If we perceive water in its beauty with all our senses, then the water beings, the elemental beings, show themselves with their spirit and connect with our soul, our feelings, and our subconscious. They surround us and provide life.

By gushing, flowing, splashing, sparkling, and rushing, they show us their messages. Therefore the water beings give every person their individual message that they need for their life in the here and now and their own soul resonates with the wisdom of the water.

„I discovered the secret of the sea in meditation upon a dewdrop “
– Khalil Gibran

Not without reason, water is said to be promoting health. The elemental beings of the water animate it and add life energy, the frequency, the vibration it needs, so that water and all sentient beings can exist.


Our source of life runs dry if we do not respect and appreciate our elixir of life: water. Wasting and polluting it, drives away the water beings that animate our source of life.

Every spring, every stream, every river, and every lake has its origin in the ocean, the great whole. It is the source of universal wisdom and all water beings embody the universal wisdom of wholeness.

The warmth of the sun evaporates our oceans. Water vapor connects the oceans with the celestial realms where it transforms into drops of water which unite to form clouds. All these forms of water are swarming with souls of water beings.

„Water is the source of everything. “ – Thales of Miletus

With the rain in the forest, the water beings clean the leaves of the trees and plants, nourish the soil and fill the springs, so that they become streams, rivers, lakes and finally pour into and become part of the ocean. Nothing is lost because the different states of water, our elixir of life, are part of a closed and ever-recurring cycle. Only we humans can destroy this cycle.

Song of the spirits over the waters

The soul of man
Is like the water:
It comes from heaven,
It returns to heaven,
And down again
To earth must go,
Ever changing.

When from the high,
Sheer wall of rock
The pure stream gushes,
It sprays its lovely vapor
In billowing clouds
Towards the smooth rock,
And lightly received,
It goes enshrouded,
Softly hissing
Down to the deep.

Cliffs tower,
Opposing its fall.
Annoyed, it foams
Step by step
Into the abyss.

In a flat bed
It slinks down the grassy vale,
And in the waveless lake
All the stars
Feast on their likeness.

Wind is the wave’s
Handsome suitor;
Wind stirs up from the depths
Foaming billows.

Soul of man,
How like to the water!
Fate of man,
How like to the wind!

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The magic of the forest has many facets. They are places of healing energy for us humans and all sentient beings. Those who allow themselves to be enchanted by the forest will perceive the forest as the source of their life. The forest gives us energy because everything is animate.
Taking in deep breaths of the forest air, we inhale the vivid breeze of the forest’s souls. We only need to go into the woods and direct our consciousness to trees, plants or streams and thus connect our soul with all natural beings.

Our soul will resonate with the information where it needs purification, healing, and growth. A universal dimension opens up, connecting our heart with the heart of the forest. In the process, we feel a deep connection and see with truthfulness and perfection all the creatures of the forest because we ourselves are the creatures of the woods and thus part of the forest. The secrets of the forest will reveal themselves and the light of our own soul will shine.

Where the light of the soul shines, there is peace, tranquility, harmony, and love. The forest will always open our soul, our heart, our being, our highest self, and strengthen us with its healing and ancient energy.

We inhale the breath of the forest and without forest we cannot live. Without water we cannot live. Therefore, appreciate the universal value of the forest and the water and live a life in harmony with our forests and their natural laws.

With every breath we take in the forest, we can decide whether to shape our lives and take responsibility with an attentive heart, whether to maintain and expand our healthy forests, or continue with the deforestation of our elixir of life. Without healthy forests, we cannot live on Mother Earth.

Therefore, go into the woods and experience that the roots are our roots. Feel that the breath of the forest is our breath.

Appreciate the wisdom of the forest stream and bring the light of the forest’s soul into your soul – and your soul will shine in the most wonderful light of all times.

We are the light of the forest. We are the light of all natural beings. We are the forest!

“The breath of the trees
gives us life.”

- Roswitha Bloch


“Only in the forest everything came to rest within myself, my soul became balanced and full of power.“

- Knut Hamsun

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