„The more collected a person is in the innermost part of their soul, the stronger is their charisma, which emanates from them and fascinates others.”
– Edith Stein


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„The darker it gets here, the more we have to open our hearts to the light from above.“
– Edith Stein

During the darkest time of the year, Mother Nature lays a magical, silent, and healing veil on humanity and all sentient beings. It is the holiest time of the year when the nights are longer than the days, and the hope for the rebirth of light is ever increasing. The four-week Advent season is a magical and mystical period, where the rhythms and cycles in nature have a profound influence on our spiritual, mental, and physical life.

Even if we feel that outside everything is dark, the eternal white-golden light is deep inside our being, inside the incarnation star, the soul seed, and the light seed. It is important to draw the mysterious life energies and life forces back into our roots, as the trees, bushes, and plants do to preserve and protect their stockpile for spring. This is the transformation phase from male to female energy, which is all about retreat, silence, letting go, calm, peace, compassion, gratitude, and harmony.

„In the middle of the deepest winter, I finally realized that an invincible summer lives in me.“
– Albert Camus

Although the life-giving sun has weakened its life light, nature and the evergreen Advent wreath show us the eternal and ever-recurring life.

It is the bright, green power and magic of the trees, bushes, and plants that bring their soul messages into the world and show us that we are not alone in these cold and dark times. Thus, by choosing the evergreen branches for the Advent wreath, we can choose who will support us with their messages through the time of transformation from late autumn into winter and finally into spring. It is not only the plants‘ soul messages; they also reflect our own life themes and what our souls long for.


The mysterious and noble queen of the forest, the silver fir, bestows us with light and grandeur, pride and protection, strength and greatness, dignity and refuge, purification and fidelity, constancy and straightening, femininity and harmony. It shows us the importance of being firmly rooted in our soul, and we open our crown to heaven with sincerity just like it. Thereby the other world opens up, which helps us realize our visions, wishes, dreams, and goals. The silver fir belongs to the element earth. Without good soil, fertility, growth, and eternal life cannot exist.

„Trees do not grow; they flow upwards like a fresh well,
until they return their water to the forest. Everything is in the trees, what is in the trees is in us.“
– Esus, Druid master

We must not miss the subtle message of the spruce either. It is our protective tree, our tree of life, and our mother tree. As a guardian of hope and confidence, it guides us through this dark season, and it frees us from all dependencies. If its branches are in the Advent wreath, its vibration floods the whole room, and old wounds open and heal through energetic cleansing, clarity, and guidance. It can be challenging to bring the old wounds, fears, and self-doubt into healing. But the spruce will not leave us alone. It connects us to the spiritual world that gives us the life energy and the vitality we need to choose the path of healing.

Thus, the evergreen trees, shrubs, and plants of the forest show us how heaven’s energy reaches the earth through its presence and connects our highest self with the Kingdom of Heaven.


“If you want to live a fuller and richer life, you have to open first your heart to life and love. Without love – for oneself, for fellow human beings, for nature and the cosmos – a person is cold, isolated and inhumane, i.e. inhuman. The warmth that unites us with the world we live in, flows from our heart. The feeling of love is nothing but this warmth. The goal of any therapy is to help a person develop a specific skill – the ability to give and receive love. The treatment is designed to expand the heart, not just the mind.”
– Alexander Lowen

In the magical Christmas time, mosses should not be missing. These primeval plants remind us of the primeval trust, the primeval love, and thus the primeval power of eternal life. If we connect with the mosses, they will help us to come back to the source of our primal sense, the primordial creation, the primordial origin.

„The Creator’s instructions are written down in our hearts and minds, in the sacred writings of nature, which everyone can read for themselves – every day in the small creatures, in the grasses and trees, in the growing things, in wind and thunder and rain, in the seas, lakes, and rivers, in mountains, rocks, and sand, in the mighty power of the sun, the magic of Grandmother Moon, in the secrets of the stars. All these spiritual beings are our teachers.“
– Indian wisdom, from the Akwesasne

The powerful, magical, and healing mistletoe has a special significance during the Advent and Christmas season. The mistletoe should not only be on the door but also in the Advent wreath so that it has the space to unfold. It opens the space to the spiritual world and brings us inside. It heals everything that hinders our life. It supports and protects us during the seven-year change of life stages and brings happiness into the house. It possesses an extraordinary magic healing power and reminds us of the love, eternity, and quality of life. With its beauty, it touches and opens our heart for the eternal light and eternal wisdom. It especially protects the soul of people with a closed heart, giving it the protection, security, trust, and love needed to open up again.

If we allow the evergreen trees, shrubs, and plants to speak to us, we will perceive the dark season from a completely new, profound perspective.

It is the magic of the Christmas season that gives us so much wisdom, insight, and foresight. This mystical magic reminds us that we are part of the eternal change of seasons and that we cannot separate ourselves from nature’s rhythm. It is not a coincidence that the evergreen shows us, deep in our hearts, the truth of eternal life in these dark and cold times. If we accept our heart’s truth, we experience that the eternal cycle of nature and its laws of rebirth, growth, ripening, harvesting, contemplation, and dying guides and guards our life phases. For this, we need to decide to start anew and live our lives in harmony with nature. Only through this self-knowledge can change take place in our highest self, our soul, our being.

„As the sun is the light of the day, the soul the light of the waking body. And as the moon is the light of the night, the soul is the light of the sleeping body.”
– Hildegard of Bingen

In the darkest phase of the year, nature shows us how precious the silence and tranquility outside are when our goal is to reach the soul’s inner light. And the more we participate in the magic of the Christmas season, the more we will grow spiritually and realize that neither reflection nor contemplation will find a place without silence and calmness.


If we want to open our light-filled interior for our spiritual, mental, and physical growth, we just need to light the Advent wreath candles, week after week. And as we light the candles, we dedicate them to our soul realization. In doing so, our soul and heart open up because hope and rebirth are getting more and more radiant in the eternal light.

Whoever gets involved in the mystery of Christmas will experience how each individual candle’s white-golden light provides access to our inner wisdom and finds all the answers to all questions within themselves.

We will feel our true and eternal core of being and recognize our immortal self, our soul, in the universal laws of nature. When we notice the talent, potential, and treasures within us, we will give the true I AM the opportunity to follow the path of eternal wisdom and unconditional, devoted, and boundless love.

„The unconditional love that we all long for we find in our own hearts.“
– Safi Nidiaye, The Tao of the heart

The time has come to appreciate the value of Christmas and continue on the heart’s path. The universal laws of nature accompany us through the Christmas season and give us the most precious thing they have, the peace and love of the heart. Once the love in our hearts is ignited, we awaken and recognize our highest self, the I AM, in the cycle of nature.

At the end of the greatest and darkest season of the year, the magic of Christmas presents us with the rebirth of eternal light and shows us that we are the light of the world!

Everything is perfect and eternal in the spiritual world because we are the light of eternal love, eternal peace, and eternal wisdom!

"If one recognizes, accepts and practices the Buddhist doctrine that the human being is not separate from nature, then there can be no abuse, exploitation or poisoning of the material world, because everything we do to nature, we do to ourselves."

- Philip Kapleau


"Man is destined to live in his innermost being and to take himself into his own hands in such a way as is possible only from here. Only from here is the right confrontation with the world possible; only from here can he find the place in the world intended for him.

- Edith Stein

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