In Novemberland, nature withdraws into the quiet earth, and wafts of mist surround the finiteness of Mother Earth. At this time begins the secret of nature of contemplation towards the inside, and in the same way, people return to their homes. The visible outer growth changes to inner growth. It is a time when our home enriches us with the fathomless qualities of the earth element.

When we feel that the earth’s energy is in harmony with our home, it enriches us with its internal potential of the recipient. In our home, the earth element represents the woman, the mother, the goddess, the queen, the empress, the wife, the ruler, the supervisor, the priestess, and the femininity. This way, our home can nourish us with its motherly qualities from Earth, which nourishes itself from the spiritual and mental power of fire from the middle of the Earth’s core.

If in the house system of the residents the element of Earth is in balance, it activates and opens our root chakra since the energy of the root chakra of our home always goes along with the reaction of the chakra system of the residents and influences the physical body and the etheric body.


When in our home we have the feeling of security, stability, warmth, protection, balance, and a basic sense of trust, the Earth element is in harmony. That is why Earth is the basis for our souls and our mind.

When we take a seed and put it into infertile earth, this seed cannot germinate, prosper, and grow. If we plant the seed in fertile earth, this seed will grow by the power of the soul and the star of incarnation and will be ensouled. For this reason, the element of the earth must be in accordance with the home and its residents because the house’s soul is the mirror image of the human soul. If a person cannot grow, inside or outside, this is a sign showing that the root chakra of their home and their self is not opened but blocked.


In order to be able to appreciate and activate the element of earth in a building, the materials used in architecture, interior design, and interior architecture are essential. Everything that was not created by Mother Earth is harmful and low vibrating.

The Principle of vibration “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.“ – Kybalion

The higher the vibration of the house, the higher the vibration in ourselves. If the vibration is low, the vibration of the residents becomes lower and can have strong effects in the private as well as the professional areas of life. Above all, permanently impairing health problems can arise, which have a very negative influence on the living and working situation of the residents.

One should keep clearly in mind, that as soon as the house has a lower vibration, and the residents have a higher vibration, the house system begins to tap the vibration of the residents and drains them. High vibrations, which can be allotted to the Earth element, exclusively consist of natural materials, e.g. rock, clay, sand, minerals, or soil. Therefore, it is crucial that the house has a higher vibration than the residents, so that it can nourish them with higher vibrations instead of draining them like a vampire.


Earth beings, which guard our home, guide us, and carefully transfer their mental and emotional individuality, have a decisive influence on positive energies. Most people think that elementary beings only exist in fairy tales, legends, stories, and mystics. But they are there and influence the house and the estate, as well as our awareness.

Elementary beings have the wisdom of their element and the divine awareness, the pure and eternal creation, the origin of everything, and most of all the eternal light and eternal love. If we hurt these more highly developed earth beings or take away their home or don’t give them certain roles in the house anymore, from the beginning of the construction of the house up to the entry of its residents, and while living and working, things can get unbalanced.

„Not where the golden Ceres laughs and the peaceful Pan, the guardian of the fields and meadows, where the iron grows in the mountain shaft, that is where the Lords of the earth arise.“ – Friedrich von Schiller

Among the most valuable elementary beings of the Earth count Pan, Prithivi, mountain spirits, earth spirits, gnomes, dwarfs, gremlins, fauns, tree spirits, and root spirits. To nourish them and the earth consciousness, we need harmony, love, and peace in the earth world.

Without harmony, love, and peace for the earth element, the earth beings, and Mother Nature, we cannot maintain our growth processes and our fertility cycles. For these things, an open heart and the awareness of their existence is required. Human being who gives them no space gives himself no space!


If the earth element of the earth is in disharmony on the property and in the home, the root chakra is blocked and fears spread. These fears often are about missing family loyalty, angst, survival, and social fears. As a consequence, people feel insecure, feeble, and unstable in life, and don’t feel at home.

Babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers frequently experience infantile or karmic traumata due to a weak or blocked root chakra, which results in them living their lives in a state of victimhood. Further negative effects are blockades, disorders are the denial of the own body, financial problems, a missing connection with the earth, addictions, physical abuse, no collection with the soul, no driving force, no life energy, suspicion, a lack of trust and powerlessness (apart from multiple other health problems.)

„It is the task of the root chakra, to let us feel that the world is a safe place for us. (…) Imbalance in the root chakra expresses itself in the feeling of being a loser, even if this is not actually true.“
– Helen Gamborg. The essence is not visible.

In this context, there ought to be mentioned, that a home doesn’t come to a person without reason. It is always the reflection of the inner life of a person, and its deepest wish is that together, they experience healing. This is why fall and winter time are the time for us to withdraw inwardly and verify whether our element of earth is in accordance with our roots. If the root chakra of the house and the root chakra of the residents is open and in harmony, we and our home are stable in the case of a storm coming up in our life. Without rootage, we cannot achieve stable support, and hence neither money nor success can find a home.

The cycle of the seasons


The dark season gives us the gift of retreat and introspection from the outside world. It is about the centering of the inner forces and the retreat into the womb of the earth, where the primordial light is at home. It is the entry into the mystery of the highest self, to strengthen the earth consciousness and to feel the connectedness of the earth. Thus, the earth energy of the beloved home is essential for allowing its magic to flow into our being. It strengthens us in affirming our own life in the darkness and gives us the inner peace to be safe and sound. This is why the dormant power of late autumn and winter opens a new space where the time for questions and memories is.
It is not only about contemplation and parting, but about the reflection of the resting nature and the silence in the world. It is the retreat and the homecoming to the depths of being, where the earth and the beloved home gives us its soul power.


Our lives become stronger and more healing as we root ourselves deeper and deeper with the living earth. It is our home and the more consciously we perceive it, the deeper our relationship to the world, to our soul, and our home becomes.

„In the house of their soul, everybody needs special rooms for protection and creative absorption.“ – Anselm Grün

If we appreciate the immeasurable value of Earth, the element of Earth opens up the Holy Space of the root chakra in our self and our home.

To experience salvation through the energy of earth means to experience all-embracing salvation.

“Only those who know their roots can grow.” – Anselm Grün

Our soul wants to root itself in the earth in order to grow. In this process, growth does not only affect the soul but the growth of mankind as a whole.


“For me, nothing is a better reflection of the world and of life than a tree. In front of it I would think daily, in front of it and about it...“

- Christian Morgenstern

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