„Being home. It is incredible how the whole jumble of feelings gets sorted and lost when you return home from a foreign country to your own four walls! Only at home is the human being complete.“
– Jean-Paul


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„Only at home is man whole.
Rooting in the homeland,
O, what magic,
Lies in this little word: Home.“
– Emanuel Geibel 

When the days start to get gloomy, we begin to retreat into our homes and give a mysterious world space. It is the magic of the home’s spirit and soul that provides us with warm feelings of security, protection, comfort, and safety. In this extraordinary transitional period, where we are given the space to withdraw in order to reflect, test, and heal our areas of life, darkness and light, old and new, fear and love, flow into each other.

There is a deep meaning behind this; our homes reflect our lives. Especially now, when many people feel insecure, unprotected, and uncomfortable outside, their own four walls take on a new special meaning of homecoming, contemplation, inner reflection.


„You do not see the world as it is; you see the world as you are.“ – Mooji

The moment we enter our home, we step out of the outer world and dive into the inner world of the home, the internal space, the inner world of the soul. It is a mystical place of power, where we can feel and listen to our being, our highest self, our soul, again.

Our home is a place where we are safe, protected, and secure. Where we can be the person we truly are. Where we can finally breathe and regenerate our vitality.

Anyone who wants to develop spiritually, mentally, and physically needs a home where the soul can take a deep breath, and each room has a positive, good, and strengthening energy. When our heart connects with the heart of the home, a vibration is created that carries the pure, all-embracing, and unconditional love within itself and makes the soul receptive to the home’s messages.

Peace of home and peace of mind
„Our general mood depends on the mood in which we know how to preserve our environment. „
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Through the bond and the connection to the home, the individual areas inside our home nourish all areas of life. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the interior of the home reflects our soul. Thus, it is our task to materialize our being within our familiar home and not that of a collective society or another person we love. Once we have recognized our path, everything opens up. We embark on a journey of discovery of our internal space, the soul space, where we experience true, unconditional, and boundless love.


Each day we get to decide how we want to live, love, and feel. It is our self-image and the boundless creative power in all life areas that determines how we can live a fulfilled, happy, healthy, and prosperous life. No other person can make this decision for us. We can only be signposts and give our fellow human beings impulses to accompany them on the transformation process. Ultimately, the decisions and responsibilities lie within ourselves.

Only we ourselves can influence whether we shape our life from the deepest wishes of our heart or not. For this, we need courage, especially when the environment tries to limit our soul’s growth.

Compassionately, I often perceive how the hearts of the house and the human being carry an intense pain within themselves and close their hearts as a protective mechanism. And as soon as the heart of a person is closed, the heart of the house is closed, and we cannot be the person we truly want to be. Simultaneously, the house, like the human being, longs to shape and lead its life in the heart’s love and truth. Just the feeling of getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror at a radiant, happy, and fulfilled person is soothing to the soul.


„Everyone longs for peace, but only few understand that complete peace can only be achieved when the innermost soul is filled with the presence of God.“
– Ananda Moyima

Just as our soul wants to take root within us, it wants to take root within our home. Without this rooting, growth cannot occur because the expansion into the higher dimensions of the soul star requires simultaneous inner profound growth into the spheres of the earth star. If we only grow externally and do not allow the soul to grow, we will topple over like a tree in a thunderstorm. Therefore, it is essential to give your soul, the highest self, the space to unfold and develop. The more deeply we perceive our soul and its purpose, the more we can support it in its realization.

When we enter a living space, the room’s energetic system opens up and connects to the soul’s energetic system, the highest self, where it resonates. In doing so, the living space’s energy shows us whether our internal self is living in the present or not. Often it is limiting beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and decisions that have their origin in our childhood that prevent us from living a fulfilled and happy life in the present.

When we understand that the healing of the internal soul spaces is the healing of the external living spaces, each unique space can support us with its purpose so that our life goals, visions, and desires in life can be fulfilled.

„Sometimes we have the power to say „yes“ to life. Then peace comes into us and makes us whole.“
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

If the soul is not fulfilled and happy in an area of life, we feel a low vibrating, negative space energy when we enter a room representing the same area of life. We quickly feel exhausted and tired in this room, and our vitality and life powers decrease. And yet the negative energies, which are our dark sides, only want one thing: to finally be seen. They are there to let us shine a light on the shadows.

That is why it is essential to know that every single room embodies eternal light, eternal love, eternal peace, and eternal harmony. The home is our refuge, where only we can develop a peaceful, harmonious, and loving life. Our home is the source of life powers and vitality.

„If we want to live in peace, peace must come from within ourselves.“
– Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Our home is not just a room that we enter, but it is the homecoming to the inside, where we are allowed to be who we truly are. If we want to change our lives and have a new beginning, a positive, high-vibrating, and good spatial energy will support us. And no matter what happens then, the magic of our home will surround our heart and soul desires with harmony and love, and embalm the peace of home, the peace of mind, with the eternal light. As soon as we feel harmony, love, and peace in all living spaces, we experience a feeling of security, protection, trust, and safety. We let go of everything that does not belong to us and give our white-golden soul seed, life force, life energy, and vitality to lead a fulfilled, happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

„You cannot create inner peace and bliss.
They are your true nature. They are what remains when you give up all that makes you suffer.“
– Siddhartha Gautama

Gratitude and appreciation play a decisive part in this. If we are grateful for having an internal and external home every day, we are all shown the possibilities and solutions to find and follow our own soul’s path. That is why you should consider your living spaces as soul spaces and seize the chance to lead a fulfilling life as the creators of your own life. Anyone who engages with the source of eternal life experiences the most remarkable growth of the soul.

Our living spaces are our soul spaces, and we decide how much space we give them!


"The first peace, which is the most significant, is the one that enters the souls of people when they realize their relationship and unity with the universe and all its forces - and when they realize that Wakan-Tanka lives at the center of the universe and that this center truly is everywhere, in each of us."

- Black Elk

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