„In this world, God has surrounded and strengthened man with everything he needs and surrounded him with great power, so that creation should stand with him at all times. All of Nature shall be at his disposal, so that he may work with it because man can neither live nor exist without it.“
– Hildegard von Bingen

Our task is to reconnect with true Nature and to live in accordance with Mother Earth and all sentient beings. Currently, man lives separately from creation and collective consciousness. That is why it is crucial for each individual and for the world population as a whole to achieve a social, political, economic, ecological, cultural, spiritual, and theological change of consciousness. Through this change of consciousness and the connection with the eternal light, the whole world shall be healed, and a new, higher world order of the absolute truth shall awaken. Thus, new evolutionary Supergenerations will arise, which embody entities with superior intelligence and higher beings of consciousness, and will turn conscious forms of life, Nature, Creation, and the Universe into a Supernature, a Supercreation, and a Superuniverse. From the soul to the Supersoul, from the Supersoul to the Overself, from the Overself to the Superoverself!

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"Love all creation - every leaf and every ray of sunshine! If you do so, the secrets of the divine will reveal themselves to you.”

- Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski

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