"When you take a journey inside yourself, getting rid of all the content you have accumulated and reaching very, very deeply, there is this vast space, called emptiness, which is full of energy."
- Krishnamurti

The entire manifestation of a person’s inner space, soul, the highest self, the highest being, is revealed in all rooms of the building. Accordingly, every room in the property stores all our own emotions, experiences, and thoughts, as well as those of all other people who enter the room and all sentient beings, such as plants, animals, minerals, materials, etc. The moment we enter a room, we feed the room with positive or negative energy. Everything depends on whether we occupy our own space or not. All professional cycles and private spaces play a central role in the home system. When we notice that there is tension in a room, and we feel heavy and sluggish, it is a sign that we are not embracing our lives in that room.


„When we live with a good person, we soon don’t even notice how they change us for the better. It is like being in a room full of orchids; after a while, we no longer notice their scent.“ – Confucius

Through my vocation as soul whisperer, soul healer, and soul guide, I accompany my unique clients in reflecting and understanding the house system’s messages with regard to their own human development. In the cycle containing the eternal wheel of wisdom and the seasons, I create, among other things, a dodecagram, which is divided into different vital codes.

Every phase and area of life is given a more profound insight through deciphering the code in the rooms, leading to a turning point in life in the here and now. The transition to a new quality of life is not always easy in the beginning because the ego, the pain-body, and the environment do not always support it. However, the path is worthwhile since the transformation will lead to personal, intellectual, emotional, mental, and physical growth.


Through spiritual awareness and the realization that the house system wants to support us in our efforts to regain harmony with the soul in the present, a divine life on earth is created, allowing us to establish peace and strive for a connection and unity. Thereby, we can take up our own space inside and outside and lead a self-determined life, where we think and feel consciously. We understand that we are not our thoughts, our words, and our feelings.

„There is no inner space when your mind is filled with preferences and attachments, with fears and desires, with the desire for pleasure, power, and status. There is a tense constriction in your mind.“ – Krishnamurti

Furthermore, we are able to free ourselves from the negative and low vibrational energies shaped by images, ideas, constraints, programs, systems, patterns, demands, and ideals.

The main period of influence is the period between conception and the seventh year of life, followed by a later impact of the social environment. By exploring consciousness and its insights, we gain direct access to our soul and realize that our soul has only one desire: to discover its spiritual task and grow with it. Without the release and separation from negative energies in the rooms, no free space for new things can be created. Only when we remove old items can we create space for new items, and our consciousness is given the opportunity to ascend into a higher oscillation, frequency, energy, and vibration.


„Perhaps future scientific research will conclude that all realities are the dimensions of one and the same space, which therefore is neither material nor spiritual. In one dimension we live as a body, in the other as soul.“ – Fernando Pessoa

As we become more conscious, we feel the depth of our inner soul space and consciously perceive which visions, wishes, plans, and goals we want to realize in the outer living spaces. Thus our home and workspaces reflect our living and soul spaces and show us whether our soul takes up its space or if there are issues that need healing.


„When you take a journey inside yourself, getting rid of all the content you have accumulated and reaching very, very deeply, there is this vast space, called emptiness, which is full of energy.“
– Krishnamurti

When we open a door and enter a room, energy and power vibrate in that room, resonating with us in our body’s internal space, soul, and highest self. The room’s energy contains the information a person needs to give their living space to unfold in their living and working spaces. Thus, the study of spaces is a form of spiritual science for man.

In order to understand the energy of space as a reflection of a human being’s energy, it is fundamental that people ask themselves the questions of life in all areas of life. Only then can the energy of space be understood as a soul whisperer and soul mentor for the human being and, in the healing process of space energization, be brought back into harmony with the intention of the inner wishes, goals, plans, and visions. It is of great importance to transform the soul’s perceptions into thoughts and proclaim them as words.


As soon as an absence or a longing in an area of life becomes apparent while answering the questions, the room reflects this longing through its low vibrating energy. When a space vibrates at a low level, so does the person in this area of life. In the long run, low vibrating energies cause illnesses in humans, which, in extreme cases, may become chronic or lead to cell degeneration or cancer. Anyone who has not understood that the soul wants to realize and grow on earth in the here and now begins to grow inwardly through cancer in the long term.


„The game of life is a game full of boomerangs. Sooner or later, our thoughts, actions, and words return to us with incredible accuracy.“
– Florence Scovel Shinn

In order to put the answers to life’s questions into practice, man needs an unbending will, courage, and assertiveness so that all obstacles can be overcome. This is the only way to achieve one’s inner wishes, goals, plans, and visions. It is crucial to understand that human beings themselves are the guide, guardian, and Creator of their lives. It is in their own power to decide whether they accept the soul journey to soul realization of growth and consciously and truly realize the meaning of their existence. The more aware a person is, the more they understand that there is no separation between the soul’s external and internal space.

„True spirituality does not mean renouncing life, but perfecting life with a Divine Perfection.“
– The Mother

Every soul requires spiritual awareness to develop its inner soul space, in all areas of life, in order to achieve self-fulfillment. Time and space are needed to allow the soul to unfold.

If, for instance, we plant a tree in a small pot, it will remain weak until it gets the chance to take root in the depths of the earth. If we plant it in the soil of Mother Earth right from the beginning, the tree is given the space it needs to achieve its growth. Thus, it is a symbol of human and spiritual growth in our own internal and external spaces.


The more people deliberately deal with and challenge the meaning of life in all areas of life, the more aware they become of life’s divine beauty. The spiritual, physical, and mental goal of the soul, the highest self, is to gradually develop and realize that we are the original light, the arch light, the eternity. When the external space does not reflect the internal space, it is our task to recognize the relationship between the energies. It is our task to become creatively active and make decisions that will lead to a change in the cycle of the eternal wheel of wisdom, the seasons, the wheel of medicine, and the wheel of life.

Big thinking requires big spaces. Small thinking requires small spaces. It is up to us whether we create our soul spaces and our living spaces in a limited or unlimited way. If we realize that we are no longer growing in a space or that something is being blocked, it is time to ask and answer the questions of life.

„The goal of creation is to give pleasure to creatures, i.e., the Creator wants to satisfy us with the best. And if man has not yet received all that is perfect and best, which the Creator had prepared for him, and feels a lack in everything, this is a sign that he has not yet accomplished the goal of creation.“
— Rav Baruch Ashlag, Dargot haSulam, Vol.1, Art.229, Essence of creation and correction of the creature, German version


"Are you afraid of death?" the little prince asked the rose. To which she replied: " Why, no. I have lived, after all, I have blossomed and used my powers as much as I could. And I have given love a thousand times over, and love returns to the one who gave it. So, I will wait for the new life and wither without fear and despair."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "The Little Prince“

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